Fiji is an inviting paradise with some of the friendliest locals in the world. From the moment you arrive in Fiji you will be struck by the natural beauty of the islands but equally moved by the genuine and kind-hearted Fijian people. Any stress just melts away as you explore the stunning beaches, warm tropical climate and laidback island atmosphere. Bula (meaning hello in Fijian) is a word you will hear everywhere you go and is always exclaimed with a smile. It is this welcoming atmosphere and stunning natural beauty that make a holiday to Fiji the experience of a lifetime.


Fiji Accommodation

Fiji accommodation is as diverse as the 320+ islands that make up this area. There are more than 50 hotels and resorts spread out over the islands ensuring whatever your taste or budget, there is something for you. Most accommodation can be found on Fiji’s two largest islands, Vitu Levu and Vanua Levu however there are more scattered throughout the smaller islands. The facilities at each hotel and resort vary as much as the islands themselves. Depending on your particular accommodation, you can enjoy access to day spas, full equipped gyms and massive lagoon style pools. While some hotels target budget travellers, all are quality accommodation.


Popular Fiji Regions

Description: Denarau Accommodation

Denarau Accommodation

Just south of Nadi, Denarau Island is home to world class cruising and golfing as well as stunning waterfront accommodation including the Westin Denarau, Sheraton Fiji...

Description: Coral Coast Accommodation

Coral Coast Accommodation

Home to the world’s second largest single reef, accommodation on the Coral Coast has something for everyone from the Naviti to Shangri La Fiji and Outrigger on the Lagoon...

Description: Nadi Accommodation

Nadi Accommodation

Your first destination when you reach Fiji, Nadi accommodation is ideal if you need to spend the night before being transferred to the surrounding islands...

Description: Mamanuca Islands Accommodation - Malolo Island

Mamanuca Islands Accommodation

A romantic island paradise featuring luxurious resorts that cater for couples and honeymooners as well as family and budget accommodation...

Fiji Activities

Fiji has a range of activities to suit everyone and they can be as relaxing or adventurous as you like. Spend your holidays relaxing around the pool and your nights dining in style or strolling along the beach. But if action and adventure is more your styles there are plenty of activities to get your pulses racing. Many of the activities revolve around water sports (it is an island after all!) and depending on your skill level you can try your hand at diving, snorkelling, parasailing and golfing. Tours and cruises are other excellent ways to experience the striking beauty of this tropical oasis in comfort and style. The list of activities that resorts have to offer is almost endless so check with your accommodation provider to see what other attractions they offer. If you love the night life (and got to boogie!) there are countless cultural shows, night clubs and bars around the islands where you can work your way through the cocktail list until the wee hours of the morning.


Fiji Weather

Fiji welcomes you with sunny days and a warm tropical climate between late March and early December. This is the best time to visit, however maximum temperatures sit between 26 °C and 31 °C year round so Fiji is definitely thongs and shorts weather. A refreshing trade wind blows from the east south-east and will keep even the most active visitors cool, so whether you’re climbing a village walk or tearing it up with a 4WD tour it’s no sweat! Fiji does experience a wet season during November to April however these brief, heavy showers are localized. As a tropical island, the wet season is a vital part of Fiji’s climate and is responsible for the lush environment and plant life that is so plentiful there. Cyclones do occur in Fiji but are normally confined to the wet season.


Fiji Facts

Fiji is a nation of islands in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean over 2,000 km northeast of New Zealand. Fiji is made up of 320 islands, however many of these are uninhabited. Fiji has two main islands, Vanua Levu and Vitu Levu, the latter of which is home to Fiji’s capital Suva to the east and on the west coast, Nadi (pronounced “Nandi”). Nadi is home to the international airport and where visitors first arrive. From here, visitors will be transferred to the other islands either by boat or air, depending on their proximity. The Mamanuca Group of islands is located close to Nadi airport and play host to the most popular resorts in Fiji.

Fiji Shopping Experience

Description: Denarau Accommodation Description: Denarau Accommodation Tappoo Fiji offers a great variety of shopping experiences for people on Fiji holidays. One of the best ways to explore the Fiji culture is by visiting the local markets, where people from Fiji villages come to share stories and sell their local produce including souvenirs and handicrafts. Tappoo Fiji Market brings unique range of Fiji made souvenirs, boutique items jewelry, under one roof.

Tappoo Department Stores are located in all major cities - Nadi, Sigatoka, Suva.  You will also find chain of Tappoo Shops in all major resorts and they are normally open from 9 AM – 10 PM for your convenience. Fiji is home to many cultures in the pacific group of islands and has a remarkable history. These factors also contribute to the numerous unique souvenirs and stylish international boutique clothing that you can buy in Tappoo Fiji Market shops. Fiji Made products, such as baskets, fans ,purses, and mats are popular items to buy in Fiji. Some other common items sold in Tappoo Market stores include, carved tanoa bowls, from which Fiji’s national drink Fijian “bula” shirts, masi (tapa cloth), pottery items, , “cannibal” forks and bowls, animal wood carvings , Fijian combs and Fijian replica war clubs.

Description: Denarau Accommodation Black Pearl, Diamond Gold and Silver Jewelry Tappoo Fiji Market sells most beautiful, finest black Pearl jewelry made using the lovely pearls that are found in the South Pacific (mainly Tahiti). Tappoo offers the finest 100% 22k Gold jewelry in Fiji, hallmarked and stamped with the Tappoo name, each 22k Gold piece is a masterpiece especially designed for Tappoo. Tappoo Gold Shops also have an array of gems, set in 18k Gold or White Gold. The large range of natural Diamonds and colored Gemstone Jewelry is unique to Tappoo stores. The pieces are designed to perfection exclusively for Tappoo. The largest range of Italian Gold and Silver jewelry in Fiji is at Tappoo.